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Cosmic Performances of The Moon in 2023!

Way before the invention of televisions, there was a much greater all stars performance, played nightly on a grand backdrop of the deep cosmos which informed the human consciousness of its mysteries!

Though we have fallen out of the habit of looking up to the stars, and the light pollution of our modern day living might have dimmed our senses, but the symbiotic and psychological connection that we have formed with it since the ancient times, will continue to affect and guide us in life!

So, Walk out in the Moonlight and enjoy these cosmic performances of 2023!!

The light from our celestial friends and guides has been assisting us in our evolution journey since the very beginning of the beginnings! Just open your eyes, and also your heart to the vastness of the night sky, take a deep breath in, exhale and let it all pour in!

Starring Luna on the cosmic backdrop of infinity in 2023:

Book your ticket and bring your own seat! ....

1/3/2023 Moon Occults Mars 08 Gemini 40

1/31/2023 Moon Occults Mars 10 Gemini 06

2/22/2023 Moon Occults Jupiter 10 Aries 55

2/28/2023 Moon Occults Mars 18 Gemini 47

3/22/2023 Moon Occults Jupiter 16 Aries 55

5/17/2023 Moon Occults Jupiter 00 Taurus 11

8/25/2023 Moon Occults Antares 10 Sagittarius 05

9/16/2023 Moon Occults Mars 13 Libra 07

9/21/2023 Moon Occults Antares 10 Sagittarius 05

10/18/2023 Moon Occults Antares 10 Sagittarius 05

11/9/2023 Moon Occults Venus 01 Libra07

11/14/2023 Moon Occults Antares 10 Sagittarius 05

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