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The Three Worlds Approach:

How to Stay Grounded as We Answer to an invitation from The Celestial or The Below World!

Shamanic Astrology, as it is taught in Turning Of The Ages Mystery School (TOTAMS) is an evolving system developed by Daniel Giamario that has emerged from the direct experience of Daniel and others in their relationship to the unfolding mysteries.

It is called Shamanic, because it has to do with the basic shamanism principles, such as direct experience, and death by intent initiations, and The three world approach!

Each of these principles has been infused and reintroduced into the astrological paradigm to help us remember an old connections which we once had with life, for millions of years before we forgot!

The Three Worlds Approach:

Daniel says, that In developing the TOTAMS Astrology Paradigm™, he borrowed from “Shamanism 101”, the nearly universal motif found in animistic and shamanistic oriented cultures, of three worlds: namely the Upper World (Celestial), the Middle World, and the Lower World (Underworld).

"These three worlds are what we are experiencing within the context of a human lifetime with a body. All are experienced within the stages and seasons of the Shamanic Timeline, and with planetary transits. All are natural and will be experienced on multiple occasions. Thus these are not to be confused with the"Netherworld" land of the dead, the "Bardo" planes between lives, or the “Otherworld” of Celtic mythology. These are also not heaven or hell realms that may be encountered when we have no body."

Through his years of observation and careful study, it became apparent to him that each one of the outer planets' cycles correspond to one of these mentioned worlds.

Uranus and Neptune correspond with the Upper World. Saturn, Jupiter, and the Lunar Nodes correspond with the Middle World, and Pluto and Chiron correspond to the Lower or Underworld.

Upper World / The Celestial : Uranus & Neptune

In ancient animism and shamanism, this was the sky realm. Above and free of the Earth, where the Eagle is in commune with Great Spirit. The starry arch of the heaven, the pathway of the celestial journey. Where the Sun, Moon and the Planets weaved the lines of the stories which became our Myths, which gave birth in Modern times to Astrology and Archetypal psychology, and other kinds of altered consciousness states, or non ordinary realities which are part of the celestial experience.

Neptune, the Planet of oceans, brings with it waves of possibilities and probabilities. It can give rise to confusion, but Worry Not says Neptune, that is the prescribed medicine!

Knowing too much can be a hindrance to growth, Neptunian waves wash out certainty to make room for clarity. When Neptune calls your name, you must not fight the ocean! It would be a much more pleasant ride if you swim with it, or lay back and let the waves carry you back to the shore when the right wind approaches!

This is NOT the time to prove or accomplish anything. It is best to acknowledge it in spirit of cooperation with The Great Mystery, relax, allow and receive all the gifts of renewal from this watery cleanse!

Uranus, delivers Freedom in most unexpected ways! When Uranus knocks at your cosmic gate, "synchronicity abounds, and expects that we pay attention".

The best cooperation technique with electrical waves of Uranus, is to allow the winds of change to carry us toward our fullest potential, and try not to hold on stubbornly to anything that might weight us done on the journey ."At its best, it is extreme novelty and high adventure. At its worst, it’s a massive unwelcome disrupter of our well laid out plans. Like Neptune, Uranian experience lies outside of ordinary linear time."

Middle World / Real World, and Objective Reality

Needs the least introduction,"This realm of experience is our ordinary, material 3D experience, apparently linear, logical, and rational, and generally experienced that way. It is the realm of philosophical materialism". And who are our guides and teachers here?

Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, brings "Phases of life that provide optimism and enthusiasm towards our life's purpose, and experiences that value and validate our genuine gifts, and greatest joys about being alive. Often it’s a time and a means of expanding our lives to a higher octave".

Saturn, is "an Organic 3D symbol of how to grow, change and evolve via limitations and boundaries. This needs not be thought of as negative or depressing, though it can sometimes feel that way! It’s best to think of it as a process of maturation, or like a snake shedding its skin, a totally natural process."

Lunar Nodes, indicate time frames and storylines for current life purpose. "these Nodal Initiations are more visionary, and often less actional. It’s a time to trust the transmissions, dreams, and intuitions that are coming into awareness. It’s like the “future self” reaching back to get our attention."

Below World / Underworld : Pluto & Chiron

The deep undercurrents of the ocean, caves and unconscious, both personal and collective, is how the animistic and shamanic culture viewed and related to the underworld. "It is the realm where the ego and the normal levels of awareness are not in control, or aware at all".

The underworld time, like the celestial initiations are outside of linear time and our usual objective reality, but their intent is quite different!

Pluto, Initiates change through composting what no longer serves. It is Unexpected and beyond our control. "It is also typified by irrational and chaotic events, externally or internally. The intent is to introduce the conditions for surrender. There is no technique for surrender, otherwise it’s not surrender!"

The usual ways of responding to our challenges, Willing, Thinking and Denying would not apply when Pluto graces us with her raw power.

"Unlike the Middle World that exists apparently in a linear and logical place, the Lower World is off the world stage, and like the Upper World, outside of time".

"The goal is Transformation. Out of composting comes new life. A phoenix rises from the ashes. Also what arises is an organic connection to life force rising from the underworld and the revitalization of our energies and passion rising from the core and from the contents of our unconscious that had not been brought to light".

Chiron, is a Teacher who assists in the digestion of our “Wounding", distilling elixir from the poison! This master healer, teaches us how Compassion and Courage leads to highest degree of healing.

Chiron, the most advanced of Centaurs, reminds us that the marriage of our animal nature and higher spiritual being is possible, and in fact it is what is asked of us. No easy task for a mortal, but Chiron, like many other enlightened beings show the way through the story!

"This digestion of our experiences then can easily be part of our medicine for helping and healing others, but first with ourselves ... Like Pluto, there is great emphasis on the Feeling Function, with a requirement to feel everything that you feel without judgment or bypass".

So, what then is the approach?

It is to hold all three worlds in awareness at the same time, as we are approaching our personal as well as collective initiation cycles. We perceive these cycles in the elegant patterning of the sky, As Above, which gives us clues in our So Below, regarding each specific initiation cycle.

"This can be such a powerful way to make sense of the current times; without which the historical and astrological events now happening, that have not been seen for 12,900 years at least, are understandably overwhelming".

This is no easy task, as each of us tends to have their personal preferences based on cultural or archetypal makeup of our birth moment. There are few who are balanced in all three, or even aware of them!

"All three worlds are real and true within their world, but only there, is it completely true".

In the Upper World, all is well and the universe is unfolding as it should. The Buddhist “self is empty” view is accurate here. Though it's not helpful if this would result in fear or failure to look at the middle or below world. This is spiritual bypass, where we deny the dark. Avoiding the underworld energy actually leads to its increase!

Over emphasizing the Middle World will limit a person to linear logic, rationality, and materialism known as the “Myth of Progress!"

Or the other side of it, the "End Times". These views," ignore the miracles and the novel events outside of time from the Upper World. It also can ignore the irrational presence of Chaos, the need for surrender, and the inevitability of annihilation and death. But then it’s within this world that our 3D life unfolds within structures and laws, none that are eternal, without change".

"It is less common to overemphasize the Underworld. But as global humanity itself is undergoing its own “Dark Night”, it is extremely important to give this equal standing to the other two.

The sudden ending of ourselves, and in fact, the entire galaxy could wink out at any instant. And few can argue that so much about the current world does indeed deserve composting, and renewal.

The Underworld dimension has very little to do with what humans are or do. It’s all natural forces way beyond our power to control or have dominion over. The underworld is an ultimate antidote to hubris, that is, the over weaning pride of humans believing they are God. My view is that Great Mystery, through the agency of our Primal Earth Mother, is ultimately the force and intelligence that is directing the show."

Great Awareness, Courage, and Focus is required to hold all three world views in awareness.

"The greatest gift of all from working with this approach is developing a neutral center point, a place of peace and equanimity, without judgment that can begin to see all of these words together. "

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